Welcome to WhEat Sucré

About US

We, at WhEat Sucré love sucre (have a sweet tooth) like most of us here. We believe Life is about indulging that involves scrummy sweet delectable morsels that ignite all our senses and make us feel decadent. WhEat Sucré is a culmination of passion, hard work, time-honoured recipes, unmatched creative flair and appreciation for high quality ingredients. The team have perfected our own recipes and methods to offer a menu of classic flavour combinations that not only look exceptional but taste delicious. We pour time, care and passion into every spoonful, stir and drop using the freshest of ingredients for a unique, decadent and delicious cakes. We cannot wait to be part of your special celebrations and sweet indulgence. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We make every cake on site and stand behind every cake we make. As we baked in small batches to retain their special taste, a pre-order of at least 2 days is required.